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Marcus Aurelius born April 26, 121 in Rome, Italy. During his life he took great interest in studying the philosophy of Stoicism and wrote "Meditations", a collection of his thoughts. He became emperor of Rome, and died March 17, 180.


Marcus Aurelius was known as one of the last "Five Good Emperors". He was born into an aristocractic family, and began to stride upward when he was noticed by Emperor Hadrian. as he grew older he was supervised by some of the best professors and took an interest in Stoicism, a philosophy that emphasized fate, reason and self restraint. In 138 he was then adopted as Emperor Pius' step son. Married wife Faustina in 145, produced two best known children daughter Lucilla and son Commodus). He ascended the thrown at age 40 in 161, and shared imperial power with his half brother Lucius Aurelius Versus. during his reign disesase broke out, invasions occured and rumours were spread.

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